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Full Steam Ahead on DevNation Call for Papers

Happy New Year, folks.  We’re pleased to bring you some updates from Team DevNation. There’s a tight schedule leading up to the show, so we’ve decided to switch over to a rolling admission for speaker selection; we’ll start announcing some accepted sessions from the call for papers in mid-January, and continue to fill the agenda through mid-February. […]

Creation of a Nation | Launching the “DevNation” Open Source, Polyglot Developer Conference

Over the past several years, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of peddling my projects at conferences the world over.  Honestly, I’ve always had a healthy portion of cognitive dissonance concerning my role as a podium junkie; while even the best tech in the world is useless if no one knows about it, clamoring to an audience […]

Joining the Dark Side | Developer Advocate and Program Manager

Followers of my work over the past several years may notice that in addition to the software my teams have built, we’ve dedicated concerted effort to maintain the following thematic elements throughout our dev cycles: Heavy focus on end user requirements API Design as a first-class priority Testing: immediately, and often Open dialogue, debate, and […]

Our Maven Dependency Resolver Goes 2.0.0 Final

Well folks, after plenty of API refinements and battle-testing within our own projects at the JBoss Community, we’re proud to offer ShrinkWrap Resolver at a locked 2.0.0 release.  I’m posting the full user guide here, but the TL;DR of it is this: it’s an API for you to pull down Maven artifacts (and optionally their […]

Continuous Enterprise Development: The JavaOne Session

Parents aren’t supposed to play favorites with their children, but there’s always that one kid you’re just really proud of, right?  Admit it. In my case at JavaOne 2012, it’s my last session with Aslak: “Continuous Enterprise Development: Case Studies in Java EE Integration Testing”.  We hit the stage at the Parc55 again in Cyril Magnin […]

Today’s Rapid Java EE Development: Live Coding from Scratch to Deployment

Aslak and I are happy to be kicking off JavaOne 2012 here in San Francisco, and this entry is to detail (and accompany) the talk we’ll soon be giving on Monday morning, 1st October, at 8:30AM Pacific Time at the Parc55 Hotel in Cyril Magnin II/III. Because not everyone can be joining us in person, […]

Integration-Testing Nontrivial Deployments: A Sane Maven Dependency Resolver

The use case which lead to the birth of the ShrinkWrap project may be summed up: identify deployments for simplified integration testing. So we built an API which made it easy to group resources together in a single deployable unit: JavaArchive archive = ShrinkWrap.create(JavaArchive.class, “deployment.jar”) .addClass(MyEjb.class, MyCdiBean.class); Combined with the Arquillian Test Platform which deploys […]

Introducing an In-Memory File System for Java: ShrinkWrap NIO.2

We’d initially built ShrinkWrap as virtual filesystem which would simplify the declaration of deployable archives for a Java Enterprise environment.  It’s mostly been successful for two reasons: The API is clean, concise, and intuitive The backend adaptors allow us to translate the ShrinkWrap grammars into something Java EE containers can understand Though the project has […]

Continuous Enterprise Development in Java

A welcome consequence of working in open-source is that we’re tightly wound into the user feedback loop; over time the shortcomings of our projects and industry echo repeatedly and steer our direction. It’s become very clear to us on the Arquillian team that users aren’t really seeking a component-by-component approach to building applications.  While docs […]

The Unofficial JBoss Drinkup and JUDCon / JBossWorld Kickoff

JUDCon and JBossWorld Boston 2012 are upon us, folks. This year we’ll be having an informal, unofficial meetup at the oldest continually operating tavern in the United States, the Bell in Hand. 45 Union Street Boston MA 02108 (617) 227-2098 We’ll be there 6PM – 9PM on Sunday night, the 24th of June, the night […]


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